Angelica's Jacket - $10.50

Simple and spectacular! Easy-to-sew, slim line, loose fitting jacket with comfortable sleeves, roll-up cuffs, inseam pockets and contrasting neck band with tab-button detailing.  Cut patchwork with rotary cutter; sew pieces to foundation fabric.  Two main pattern pieces.  Sizes 6 through 22. 


Amber's Vest - $10.50

Fun to sew, fast to make. Easy to sew patchwork vest is a showcase for interesting fabric. Vest is loose fitting and has contrasting piping and trim. Cut patchwork pieces with rotary cutter; sew pieces to foundation fabric before assembling the lined vest. Two pattern pieces.   Sizes 6 through 18.  


Annie's Jacket - $10.50

A very easy-to-sew, comfortable jacket available in two different lengths.  Select a single fabric for the jacket and contrasting fabrics for the raw-edge double bias trim, patches and button loops.  This quick jacket is made from 3 main pattern pieces.  Sizes 6 through 22. 


Back Country Big
Shirt - $ 10.50

Fun to sew, fast to make.  Make this cozy shirt of cotton flannel or your other favorite fabric.  Back Country Shirt is loose fitting, button front, color blocked tunic length shirt with dropped shoulders, roll-up sleeves, shirt tail hem, patch pocket, and contrasting neck band collar.  Sizes 6 through 24.   

Baubles & Bangles Jacket

You'll love the fit of this jacket - it’s as cozy as a favorite sweater. The slimming below-hip length jacket with in-seam pockets is trimmed with ribbing or self-fabric at the neckline/front opening and at the cuffs. Dropped sleeves are roomy and are worn pushed up or at the wrist.

This jacket is a great showcase for 4"x4" samples you've collected or for quarter and eighth-yard cuts of your favorite fabrics.  Sizes 6 through 24. 


Cassie's Jacket
Shirt Tales # 3 - $9.00

Create a colorful comfy jacket with a ready made heavy duty T-shirt. Start with a long sleeve T-shirt (look for a thermal weave, waffle weave) that's one or two sizes too large.  Take it apart as directed, add torn fabric strips, double bias binding, and accent buttons.  Put it back together to make an eye-catching, casual jacket that is uniquely yours!  It's fast and an easy way to make a flashy, fun jacket that fits great.

Daydreamer Duo- $12.50

This quick and easy outfit works all day ... solo during the daylight hours and with the coordinating pieced wrap after dark. Wear the comfy dress with a T-shirt or not, it's perfect for warm days or cool nights.  The slip-on tank dress has a slightly A-line shape, long side slits, and handy inseam pockets.  It's trimmed with stylized patchwork on the front, and contrasting binding at neck and armhole edge.  Sizes 6 through 26 included.


Flashy Patches Jacket - $10.50

One spectacular patchwork jacket ... a showcase for fabulous fabric. This flattering slim line, loose fitting jacket has comfortable cut-on, roll-up sleeves, inseam pockets, and contrasting neckband. Cut patchwork pieces with rotary cutter; sew pieces to foundation fabric before assembling the lined jacket.  Two main pattern pieces.  


Happy Times Jacket 2

  Side 1 - Color blocks from Fat Quarters   Side 2 - Two widths of fabric strips
Happy Times Jacket 2- $12.50

It's Reversible!  Choose fabrics that you love - in colors that make you feel god - to sew this bright and lively reversible jacket.  Side 1 is color blocked from fat quarters.  Side 2 is made of two widths of fabric strips.  Tissue paper pattern includes step-by-step illustrated directions.  Comfy, loose fitting jacket has cut-on sleeves, turned-up cuffs, contrasting trim and roomy patch pockets on both sides.



Fun-of-It Jacket - $10.50

Almost every culture has developed a unique, easy to wear style of wrap that fits nearly everybody, every fabric, and every informal occasion. There is the multinational cape, South American ruana, poncho, cocoon jacket, and Japanese hanten.

The Rag Merchant version, an easy-to-sew, fun-to-wear wrap jacket, makes a great showcase for colorful fabric and is a splashy way to add a layer of warmth and pizzazz to everyday wear. Two handy pockets have also been added to this traditional wrap that are not only practical but provide eye-appealing accents.



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Jamaica Jumper   Jamaica Jumper
Jamaica Jumper- $10.50

A fat quarter fashion!  Choose 15 fat quarters and stitch up this jumper in a jiffy!  This slip-on tank style jumper has a slightly A-line shape, long side slits and handy on-seam pockets.  The patchwork jumper is trimmed with contrasting binding at neck and armhole.  Sizes 6 through 24/26 included.


Java Bay Big Shirt - $10.50

Make this easy fitting shirt to show off a collection of sizzling fabric strips. The Java Bay Big Shirt features full-length sleeves, mock pin tuck appliqué bib front and sleeve cuffs, tunic length shirttail hem, easy tuxedo-style collar and button loop closure. Sizes 6 through 24.  


Kerry's Big Shirt - $10.50

An easy-to-sew shirt, Kerry's Big Shirt is a loose fitting, button-front, color-blocked tunic length shirt with dropped shoulders, roll-up sleeves, shirt tail hem, patch pocket, and contrasting neck band collar.  Sizes 6 through 24. 

Noell's Jacket - $10.50

The jacket you'll love to wear all the time ... everywhere.  This jacket features fast, no-match patchwork, comfy drop shoulder styling with easy stand-up collar, deep roomy pockets and knit or fold-back cuffs.   5 pattern pieces - easy assembly. Sizes 6 through 24 included.   


Shirt Tales #1 - $9.00

Start with a ready-made shirt that's a size too big.  Take it apart as directed, then add bright and lively strips of fabric to create this fabulous jacket.  Reassemble the shirt to make an eye-catching, textured topper.  It's a fast and easy way to get a jacket that's flashy, colorful and fun and one that fits!


Summer Breeze Tunic - $9.50

This loose-fitting comfortable vest uses the simplest of all quilt blocks - the nine patch alternately set with appliqué blocks. The cap sleeve design is flattering to all sizes. Plain or color block vest back features optional elastic casing. Pattern contains easy to follow block construction and quilting diagrams, appliqué patterns, simplified, fully illustrated sewing directions.  Sizes 6 through 20.



Take 12 Jacket - $10.50

Quick, easy and fun! Choose 12 fat quarters and sew them into this cozy, below-hip length jacket. Drop sewn-on sleeves are roomy and are worn pushed up or at the wrist inseam pockets.

Follow the unique "Road Map for Piecing" and the quick-sew techniques to make this jacket in one day. This fast topper is made of three main pattern pieces: front, back and sleeves.  Jacket front and sleeves are finished with ribbing or woven fabric bands.  Sizes 6 through 24.


Turnabout Jacket - $12.50

Fun to sew, easy to make - Comfy slightly over-sized jacket. One jacket can be worn two ways.  It's completely reversible. One side is patchwork; one side is color blocked. Pattern includes "Road Map for Piecing" that eliminates all the guesswork about what fabric goes where. Sizes 6 through 22.  



Window Panes Vest
Shirt Tales # 2 - $8.50

Create this terrific vest starting with a ready-made shirt that a size too big.  Take it apart as directed, add bright and lively fabric rectangles and binding to make a show-stopping vest.  The fabric bound vest from overlaps the back and is held in place with an attractive button.

A fast and easy project that's sure to your liking.  Detailed instructions tell you everything you need to know.  Two versions are included.  One with a mandarin type color (shown on the cover) and a second version that is collar-less.  You'll want to use a wide assortment of fat quarters to make this a colorful vest.

Zoey's Jacket - $10.50

Quick and fun to sew, this shaggy show-stopper is made to look wrong side out!  It's made of three layers of fabric - the seam allowances of each layer show on the right side to add color, contrast and interest to the jacket.  Sizes 6 through 22.   


Fab Knits #2 - Tote Bag - $8.50

Included are instructions and how-to photos for making a nifty, lined knitted tote bag with interior pockets and purchased handles. This project is fun to knit and easy to carry with you when you are on the go.  Finished Size approx 9" H x 12" W (without handles).



5/4 Apron   
5/4 Apron - $8.50

Quick and Easy fat quarter project!  This quick and easy apron is made from just 5 fat quarters.  It's modeled after the traditional French chef's apron and has a large double pocket and patchwork trip at the top.  Waist ties are long enough to tie in the front or back.