An obi is the traditional Japanese fabric, tied in a knot, and used to keep the kimono closed and secure.  Both men and women wear kimono and obi but the kimono obi for women is longer than the one for men.

1.  Tsuke Obi or Easy Obi - To make it easy for tying, separate knots and bows can be purchased.  The separate parts are usually already tied and have a clasp to connect them to the base fabric.

2.  Nagoya Obi - This obi can be formal or casual depending on the colors used.  The Nagoya Obi has a thin part which wraps around the waist and a wider area used for making the bow.  Only the wider, front part of the obi that would be shown has the pattern design.  The thinner end is usually sewn together or tapers in from the wider size to make it easier to maintain the fold while tying the obi.

The Nagoya is so named because it was originally conceived by a woman from Nagoya.

3.  Hanabi Obi - This obi is an unlined, and informal obit that goes with yukata or an everyday kimono.  Tying this obi is relatively easy and many Japanese people wear it during festivals.