Crafted in Japan using the same technique as the Japanese gold thread used in Kyoto's Wasou (traditional Japanese clothing), the foil in this thread Is wound tightly around to cover a core metallic thread.   The resulting thread is silky and resistant to abrasions with Kimono like elegance for embroidery, tassels and other sewing projects.  

Colors 01 - 23 - Round covered stands shine chic glosses which are reminiscent of Wa (Traditional Japan) and abrasion-resistant.  They match perfectly with other embroidery threads. 20m/ 21.9 yards per spool.

Colors 24 - 33 - The contrast between the core thread and films give bright and gorgeous glosses.  They are soft and smooth, matching any cloth.  
Approx. 20 meter/ 21.9 yards per spool.


Colors 101 - 112 - "Opali" style has a film-like, smooth texture and multicolor reflection like opal stones. Semitransparent look allows light to faintly pass through, creating unique nuances.  Approx. 20 meter/ 21.9 yards per spool.

Colors 201 - 206 - "Champagne" style has pastel colored gentle sparkles like bubbles in champagne. With a soft and smooth texture, it is comfortable to use. Approx. 20 meter/21.9 yards per spool.

Colors 301 - 306 - "Neon" style is an eye-catching, bright color series. These threads give dramatic impact to your needlework even with just a small amount used. You can also use as many strands as you like, depending on your project, since each strand is extra-fine.  Approx. 50 meter/ 54.68 yards per spool.

The threads are made of nylon, polyester and cupro (a cellulose fiber made from cotton for softness).  Not suitable for machine sewing.  Keep away from heat.

Wash with pH neutral detergent.  Do not use alkaline detergent.

Store this thread in a cool place away from heat and humidity.