The Tulip Company of Hiroshima, Japan has been making sewing needles since 1948.  Well-known for their quality sewing needles, they now make some of the finest needles available. 

Applique Needles/ Sharps - This needle is great for applique because it is thin and very sharp so it will glide through the fabric easily.  

Betweens/ Quilting Needles - Hand quilters love these needles because they are shorter and easy to control.  Thicker than applique, Betweens are stronger for going through multiple layers and less likely to bend.  Size 9 or 10 are good sizes until you get used to working with a smaller needle.

illners/ Straw Needles - These needles are similar to Sharps, just a little longer.  They are favored by sewers for binding and applique work.