Japanese kasuri fabrics have been woven with threads dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric. It is an ikat (resist-dyeing) technique with the warp and weft threads resist-dyed in specific patterns and pictures.

Our kasuri fabrics are old stock from the 1940 - 1950's, but new - never used, found in warehouses and garment factories in Japan.  

Unused kasuri has a stiff, crisp feel due to the weaving and indigo dyeing process. To soften the fabric, wash in cool water and add a little fabric softener.  Wash separately, as there will be some bleeding of the indigo color.  The more this cotton fabric is worn and handled, the softer it will become.


100% Cotton Fabric - Kasuri width is traditional kimono width
approximately 13" - 14" wide.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the indigo dye, kasuri fabrics may bleed.  
It is recommended that you pre-wash kasuri fabrics prior to
using the fabrics in your quilt or project.