Beginner: A quilter who has learned the basics of cutting, piecing and assembling a quilt top and has come close to mastering these skills. 

Confident Beginner: A quilter who is comfortable piecing and assembling quilt tops and is now ready to move on to more challenging techniques such as adding Sashing, quick pieced Triangle Squares and Flying Geese, Strip Piecing and Partial Seam Techniques. Must be able to read and follow a quilt pattern.

Intermediate: A quilter who has mastered multiple quilting techniques and has a good understanding for the entire process. A quilter who has ventured into more complex techniques such as Paper Piecing, Working with Hexagons, Diamonds and assortment of rulers and templates designed for certain projects.

Advanced: A quilter who knows she or he can make any type of quilt. A quilter that has the experience of using multiple techniques and has intricate piecing ability. The advanced quilter has the skills to read, comprehend and complete a pattern, and is willing to take on any technique. Can make changes to a pattern to suit her own ideas.